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Some Super Sexy Belly Dancing Moves to Start You Off Right By Sebrina Simone

When you break them down, belly dancing moves can be very easy to grasp and if you take them in bit sized portions you will discover that you can pick them up quite easily. Once you have the individual components down you can have a real blast placing the parts together to form a routine.
Now it may take a bit to get the movements down but once you do then belly dancing begins to take on a whole new level of fun and excitement.
So lets get stepping with some basics and you will be belly dancing in no time. It is important that you practice these moves in front of a mirror so that you can keep watch over your form. And practice slowly until you are performing it smoothly, the speed will come as you get used to proper form.
The Super Sexy Figure Eights
Figure eights are one of those simple moves that look more advanced than most basic belly dancing moves that you could start with. To do the Figure Eights begin with feet together standing tall with good posture.
You need to strike a balance between standing tall and remaining loose, no rigid boards and no slouchies either. Now hold your arms out to the sides of your body in a rather loose "T" formation and keep them loose but stable as you let your hips do all the work. As a help with the hip movements try to imagine a box around your hips.
The first move is to smoothly move your right hip to the top right hand corner of your imaginary box. From this position you will lower the same hip to the bottom right corner of the box. Next smoothly slide your left hip across to the top lip of the box moving towards the left hand side and then finish by sliding the hip to the back corner of the rectangle. By returning to your hips to the center of your imaginary boxy you will have com completed your first figure eight with your hips. Though you are imagining that your hips are inside a box you want to remember that you are in fact creating a figure eight with your hips. Keep this in mind and you will soon feel the super sexy figure eight motion.
Super Sexy Chest Circles
So you have sexy hip movements lets add in some chest motion to bring the seduction dance full circle. Again you will stand in with your feet together in the same position you began your hip movements with. Feet together, good posture.
Begin by sliding your whole rib cage to your right. This motion should be upper body only, no hips. You should imagine someone pulling your shoulders side to side but make sure that you keep your shoulders parallel to the floor, no dipping shoulders.
After you have a good side-to-side movement you will ad the coupe de grace by lifting your chest during the sliding motions. This works by lifting your chest just before you slide to the left. You will need to use those strong abs muscles and upper back to lift your chest before you reach the left most portion of your shoulder movement. When you hit the left extreme of the shoulder motion you can begin to lower the chest as your shoulders continue back across to the right hand side.
Find more super sexy belly-dancing-secrets belly dancing moves and learn more about different belly dancing styles by visiting belly-dancing-secrets belly-dancing-secrets - a site for women that can help you learn how to be seductive and sexy with belly dancing.
Sebrina_Simone Sebrina_Simone

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