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Which Sex And The City Character Are You Article

Know What to Do If You Are Sexually Harassed By Femi Omopariiwa

Can you imagine!
Sexual harassment is a global phenomenon that is rapidly affecting all in the work place. This behavioral pattern is crude and is an affront to an individual's self-dignity and confidence.
If sexual harassment is your case, how can you handle the situations? They are as follows:
1. Take a firm stand!
Being intimidated by-suggestive speech or aggressive behavior rarely makes it go away. If for anything, fear or difference may cause it to escalate! As advance on you come, please do not treat it with levity. Take a firm decision to resist it. At the first sign of harassment you need to take a very firm stand to oppose it. As you notice these advances, immediately saying no and clearly is just enough to make the harasser stop the offensive behavior of harassment.
2. Act with your decision
I meant that as you take the decision to say no to the harasser, you also need to act with what you have decided. It will not be wise for you to say "no" while your behavior to this person is telling the opposite. This is so because since the harassers are often quite persistent. How firm do you need to be, may depend on the circumstances and the response of the harasser. It is wise to use whatever degree of firmness necessary to get your point across. In some cases, a simple, direct statement in a calm tone of voice will suffice. Make eye contact.
Experts suggest the following for you:
a. State your feelings clearly to this one b. Specifically name the offensive behavior of the offender stating what you don't like in his/her using crude, vulgar language to address you c. Make clear what you want the person to do. like saying - "I want you to stop speaking to me that way!"
What if the harassment continues in spite of your best efforts to stop it?
Some companies have set procedures for dealing with sexual harassment. Often the mere threat of initiating a company grievance procedure will make your harasser leave you alone. Then again, it may not. Sad to say, finding a sympathetic supervisor is not always an easy task for either women or men in this sex crazy world that we live in today. Using insults, threats, verbal abuse, throwing a punch, spitting on the harasser is counter productive, dangerous, and there is no need to use physical violence unless there is an actual physical attack that requires self-defense on the part of the defender.
Some have tried legal action to stop this act of embarrassment. But the huge judgments in lawsuits leveled with financial burden, you read about in the media are hardly typical. Besides, Talking Back to Sexual Pressure warns: "Legal remedies against harassment require tremendous emotional energy and time; they result in physical as well as mental stress." With good reason I will cautions that: "you should not conduct a legal case with hastily." After counting the emotional financial and spiritual costs of legal action, some have preferred to seek other employment. Please if this is your case your need to keep up with the good work.
(c) 2008. CSD Inc. Femi Omopari-Iwa is a Marriage & Dating expert, who have real experience in world of counselling and advice that is up to date, realistic and real time. Advice I am giving is out of my years of experience. wwwmonsensedating wwwmonsensedating for more articles.
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