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Women Feel More Elegant And Sexy With Corset Tops I love the corset top. There is nothing else you can have in your wardrobe that you can wear outside of the bedroom that will make a lady feel more elegant and sexy while maintaining a casual style then a corset top. Have you ever wanted a perfect hourglass figure?
The original corset forces your body into the perfect hour glass figure. These beautiful and elegant torture devices will force you to stand perfectly straight, pull your tummy and ribcage in and push your breasts up. Now do not get me wrong, I love the way a corset makes you look. Your tummy will be totally flat, your torso is elongated and your breasts_. Well even the most flat chested of us will have full and voluptuous curves in all the right places. _Wait what is that again? Where can I get one?_ you ask. I said torture devises remember? Yes the corset can do all of that but it has disadvantages aplenty. The corset squeezes your midsection in and then holds it in place with steel rods and ties. To get into one also takes two people as someone has to lace the back of it for you. To put a corset on correctly takes an hour due to having to allow your organs to rearrange themselves between lacings. The corset top on the other hand is a different story.
The corset top can give you much the same look while not being quite as _ hard on the body shall we say. The corset top will also make your tummy look flatter and accentuate your breasts but will not rearrange your organs to do it. I will admit you will not look quite as good in the corset top as you would the corset but you will be able to breathe. Breathing is a good thing you know. The corset top usually has laces that will run along the back like a real corset that you can use to help mold and flatten your midriff but it will fasten in the front. Corset tops come in a verity of looks from lace to leather and everything in between. You can get one for a fancy party or a sexy night clubbing. The corset top looks absolutely fabulous with jeans and with a nice skirt.
The anatomy of most corset tops is deceptively simple. Along the sides of the bodice for a real corset top are panels that go all the way around the bodice and sewn inside of each panel is a flexible plastic rod similar to the ones inside of an underwire bra and for much the same reason. The panels and stiffening rods are there to give the look of a more flat and elongated torso and to help pull you into it hiding the little extra tummy you may have. Around the back of the corset top are the ties. Often made from ribbon of some kind (depends on the material the top is made from) these ties are not only very sexy but also can be gently tightened to pull your tummy flatter. Make sure that the ties on your corset top are nice and even otherwise they just look sloppy instead of sexy. The corset top will usually have fasteners that go all the way up the front with maybe a bit of elastic clothe to also help to mold your body and pull it into the right shape. The front also often has ties to for a really sexy look. All of this detail to the waist of the corset top gives your body a flatter and longer look about the middle while pushing your breasts up so that they look a lot fuller.
The corset top can flatter your body like no other piece of clothing you may own. Giving you that hot sexy hourglass figure and with the laces on the front every man around will want to untie you.

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