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Short Hair - Sexy or Butch? By Luke J Wilson

Is short hair sexy or butch? It clearly depends on whose hair we are talking about, if you are talking Rosie O'Donnell then clearly, butch with a capital B. Halle Berry on the other hand could not be sexier with short hair. There is just something about a woman who is bold and confident enough to cut her hair short.
The first thing I think of when I see a woman with a short sassy hair cut is this woman is adventurous and knows who she is. She has a lot of self- confident and is not afraid to do her own thing, which in it's self is very sexy.
Short cuts usually look better on woman with slimmer faces, although I have seen woman with fuller faces pull off the short cut, there is just something about a woman with a slimmer face and a short cut. Maybe it is the way the cheek bones are highlighted, a short cut tends to caresses and brings out the eyes.
The meaning behind a woman cutting her hair short could be she might just want a change maybe she is shedding her old self and is getting ready to move on into a different stage of life. It could be that she just unloaded some deadbeat guy and is looking for a 180-degree change to the way she was with him what ever the reason it certain seems like some sort of liberation.
Some gay women I've known have cut their hair when they came out of the closet, again it was librating to them, they felt free like they could be who they really are. Short hair to me is just sexy, if conveys a sense of strength and I do not mean it in a masculine way, I mean strong, sultry, and sexy.
I remember years ago when Demi Moore had short hair I thought that was the best that she ever looked. She is one of those women who looks great with long or short hair very few woman I've seen have been able to pull that off. I've also noticed that a lot of mature women are starting to cut there hair, which I also find sexy women like Helen Mirren who are clearly beyond the pixie years are cutting their hair into shorter sexier styles.
Luke is an avid writer on a wide range of topics, if you would like more info on this subject checkout squidoo SHORT-HAIR-SEXY-OR-BUTCH- squidoo SHORT-HAIR-SEXY-OR-BUTCH-
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