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How To Be Sexy In A Bar People tend to think those women who wear black stockings or short skirts will be sexy in a bar. In particular, if a woman has a fashionable or color hairstyle or bizarre clothes, people always think she is not easy to be controlled.
The movies may mislead people to think a woman usually has some stories behind her by sitting in a bar, with a glass of wine in hand. Actually this is not true. Why women like to stay in a bar, maybe because they still want to show their sex appeal.
What if you would not wear black or transparent color clothes, will you be sexy? Sure, women like red lips which is a way to make you sexier. The second one is to hold a cigarette within the hand. It is a common picture that when a woman has a cigarette within her hand and with a glass of wine in front of her, men will always try to start a conversation with her. This is actually not very fashionable. But it works. Also you had better give them a dispirited or lofty eye expression. Men will be fooled.
The other way is if you are an attractive woman yourself, actually you do not need to wear sexy clothes. Sexy is within your body. Where you show up, people will say _Wow, what a sexy girl._ So you will get men to be around you. But this needs techniques.
Being sexy asks quite lot requirements for you. You can be fascinating but should not be erotic. Be careful of your words you choose, your body languages and your expressions. Remember do not start a conversation first. You can sit here and wait for a man to talk to you. If you will start the conversation, it usually will make you less appealing. Men are like to be the initiative part.
These are only very basic and well-known ways of being sexy. If you would like more, you can read more books, because a decent and knowledgeable woman would never be out of date. It is sexy in another way.

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