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wearing strategies of Korean fashion girl on nine occasions

Tips1: For pretty girls who are keen to shopping, clothing should mainly be relaxed, com comfortable, and simple. Zebra leisure long-sleeved t-shirt, pure Lotus miniskirt, sleeveless dress with white printing, com comfortable Oxford tapeless flat-heeled shoes, revealed with the comfort of shopping, without losing the acumen and fashion of girl.
Tips2: outdoor, camping is to let his passion for adventure summer beauty addicts, 3241644 koreanjapanclothing Korean fashion black and white striped Camisole-mainstream shirt, jeans khaki panties, washed and glean the hue of the vest, bold hottest more bags pants, handsome black short leather boots, perfect mashup that lets you in outdoor camping activities cool feeling.
Tips3: Likes soaks the beauty individuality being full, choice tidal current vanguard's clothing. The optical fiber dim bar, chooses the wholesale fashion pretty pink color joined bodies miniskirt, the luxurious vanguard's image is especially enchanting. Is very fond of the hot dance beauty to be possible to choose the bold strong red pencil bright trousers, bare color gauze nature Tee, heavy powder red lip, com completely obviously sexy hot dancer's posture.
Tips4: enthusiastic cycling movement beauty, costumes should be comfort and light tones. Plates of hot pants, white, blue, and white vertical stripes white leisure Japanese fashion shorts, Ruth bat shirt revealing sexy shoulder, is a popular choice for beauty show summer passion and vitality.
Tips5: workplace beauty can also be beautiful, charming summer fresh blooms. A simple black and white, gray line is mainstream, pure white small round collar long-sleeved sweater, A word miniskirt Khaki, perfect contrast women's mature and elegant. Milky white tight Sleeveless Tee, black pencil strap pants, showing women's intellectual competence.
Tips6: When go to outside summer concert , the clothing especially catch you eye, the pale red tight-fitting suspenders, laundering Ding Liukou the cowboy waistcoat, the khaki leisure hot-pants, the cream-colored frill flat base sandals, restores certainly the old with the modern perfect union, the new tide vanguard, lets beauty be infatuated with heartily in the summer day concert. .
Tips7: On birthday Party MM will always be a scenery, costume choices should be mainly warm, bright color series, Orange, pink and white striped silk dress, elegant, feminine grace, and create a romantic atmosphere, diamond wide edge belt, soft and thin waist, like a lovingly pathetic Princess.
Tips8: Go to the gym to watch game, select the clothes with team wearing clothes' color is the best, but the style should highlight the special features. Red and white stripes V collar Tee, light blue jeans hot pants, waist silver metal zipper adds hot pants line beauty, sports and comfort, health and vitality beauty definitely.
Tips9: When dating boyfriend, beauty must especially focus on costume , always show the best to him. Appointments should be chosen to wear light-colored series, release elegant women ‘s elegant and grace. Milky white suit Bay coat, beige pleated skirt the khaki-thick-soled sandals, bring out the woman's elegance and fantasy, perfect mashup, simple but stylish, creating an romantic atmosphere of appointment.
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