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Sex And The City Season 1 Article

Honda Civic Si: From Hatchback to Sexy Sport Compact

As if the Honda Civic wasn't sexy enough from the beginning, the car manufacturer added a sports car version to its already successful line over 20 years ago. In 1984, the Honda Civic line added a sporty component, the Si, which stands for Sport Injected. The car was a hatchback with two-tone paint (your only choices being blue, black or red over gray), a power sunroof and sports seats.
Since then, the 1374988 utahhondadealers Honda Civic Si has evolved into a sexy four-door sedan. Here we follow its changes.
Early Days
It's hard to imagine a hatchback as sexy, but in the 1980s, a market of sport compact car enthusiasts emerged, giving the Si an instant fan base. But the Honda Civic Si wasn't just sporty in name alone. Its second generation, spanning from 1988 to 1991, featured hard-core options like a larger exhaust and front and rear anti-roll bars. The double wishbone suspension at all four corners and the lower wind drag made it a favorite of racing fans.
By 1992, the Honda Civic Si got Honda's legendary VTEC® engine technology, which allowed drivers to go from zero to 60 miles per hour in just 8.9 seconds (a feature most drivers were eager to test out).
After a Brief Commercial Break…
The Si was AWOL from 1995 to 1999. Whether Honda planned to stop manufacturing the model com completely and was swayed by Si enthusiasts to bring it back, or if the car manufacturer used those years to improve the model, one may never know. At any rate, in 1999, the Honda Civic Si returned, bringing with it a twin-cam VTEC® four-cylinder engine with 160 horsepower, a rarity at the Si's price point.
Those who paid attention noticed the improvements in the model:
Improved intake manifold Low friction and high silicon pistons Larger throttle body Exhaust system with larger piping diameter Some models of the Si offered anti-lock brakes, but Honda had not yet started pushing this on all models at this point.
Flash Forward
In 2006, Honda elected to move away from the hatchback model in favor of sophisticated sedan and coupe models. The 2006 model is the fastest of all Honda Civic Si models, with a 0-60 startup of 6.7 seconds.
The redesign of the Si allowed for the introduction of a 4-door model in 2007, which still brings all the sporty benefits of the Honda Civic Si, but in a more practical package for people with families.
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