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Sex And The City Episodes Article

Bald Men Get More Respect Although there seems to be a common misconception that a man can only get respect if he has a full head of hair, I beg to differ. I believe there_s a fair amount of evidence that bald men get MORE respect. Here are a few reasons why.
1. Some bald men kick butt! Think about George Foreman, Vin Diesel, Bruce Willis, or Shrek.
(He just wouldn_t be as cool with hair, would he?)
2. Self-confidence. A man who is com comfortable with himself is a sexy man, and he will get respect_no matter how much or how little hair he has on his head. Going bald with dignity shows that you are sure of yourself and that your character is your strongest feature_not your hair density!
3. Women like bald men. Why? Because women are notoriously self-conscious about their own imperfections; being bald can put women at ease and make you seem more accessible, approachable, and compassionate. Women are secretly attracted to stability; they want a man who will stick with them, despite their own shortcomings. Accepting your own hair loss is a powerful indicator that you_re focused on what really matters in a person_their personality traits_and that you_re not obsessed with image and superficiality.
4. Bald groupies. There_s a growing culture of women that PREFER bald men over their coiffed counterparts. News anchor hair is great for weathermen and televangelists, but you_ll notice that this isn_t exactly the sexiest group of men_$400 haircuts and bang-stylists are not manly! Having less hair makes a man look more streamlined, efficient, and masculine. Leave long, shiny, bouncy hair to the girls_along with styling routines, ponytails, and perms.
5. Self-respect. Yes, some people like to tease bald men_however, if you can laugh that off, you_ll actually gain a lot of respect. Think about hazing or primitive maturity rituals_your ability to overcome something unpleasant gains you stature and acceptance. In some ways, you_re not REALLY a man, until you_ve lost some of your hair!
profile/T.-D.-Crawford/268738>T. D. Crawford

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