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Sex And The City Episodes Article

Angelina Jolie Hollywood Sexy Actress | Angelina Jolie in Nude pose

No intimate access to Angelina Jolie has been offered in exchange for a flurry of kind and admiring words in this profile, although, of course, it might be that some readers wish it had. After all, for the right sort of deal we might have uncovered more, for instance, about Jolie's beauty routine, of which only the sketchiest of basics is understood. Sadly, though, the Hollywood superstar never plays ball with the press, so her detractors claim, unless she is com completely in charge of the rules. Far from the reckless wild child in which her many fans had emotionally invested, the actress is emerging as a consummate manipulator of her own publicity, calmly determined to make fame work for her family and for her favorite causes. So if the world really wants to know about her beauty secrets they can do so on her terms - and one might have some sympathy for her.
At 33 Jolie is among the most envied women in the world, if not for her looks, her talent and her wealth, then certainly for her live-in lover, the actor Brad Pitt. But she now stands accused of mocking the principles of journalistic independence. The public relations team behind her recent film A Mighty Heart made the mistake of printing out a legal document stipulating that interviews 'could only be used to promote the picture'. These kind of unspoken commitments may be common in the world of film, but a picture quickly emerged of a star who is adept at orchestrating her own coverage.
This month, with another new Jolie film, Clint Eastwood's Changeling, to publicize, the allegations have resurfaced. Anonymous critics from inside America's magazine industry have attacked the star for demanding more than just cash when she offers a glimpse into her private life. So in return for learning the details of her arched eyebrows and the use of grey lipstick to offset the impact of those fabulous, pillow-like lips, she expects that her charitable work will be emphasized.
For example, following the birth this year of the Pitt-Jolie twins, Knox and Vivienne, the parents offered the first photographs of their newborns for $14m, as well as a big hand in the content of any resulting article. People magazine, which won the frenzied bidding process, later denied its staff had agreed to clear the editorial content with Jolie and Pitt. Whether they did or not, the magazine had the last laugh. The issue in question was the best-selling in seven years. Such is the power the great Jolie wields. And she does it pretty much on her own too, with just a little help from her trusty manager, Geyer Kosinski.
Eastwood's disturbing new film, released this week, sees Jolie looking about as different as it is possible to imagine from the character of Lara Croft, the Amazonian tomb raider that made her famous. Instead, appearing delicate and rather as if she might have used that grey lipstick all over her face, Jolie plays a quiet woman who fervently believes her child has been abducted and replaced by another. It is a haunting and emotional story and the actress, who lost her mother last year, has broken down when talking of the part and of her recent loss. For at least the second time in her career Jolie has vowed to step back from acting and concentrate on mothering her brood of three adopted and three birth children, Maddox, Zahara, Pax, Shiloh and the new twins.
Jolie was born in Los Angeles on 4 June 1975, the second child of the admired actor Jon Voight and his wife, the late actress and producer, Marcheline Bertrand.
As if she did not have enough God-given glamor on tap, her godparents were the beauteous actors Jacqueline Bisset and Maximilian Schell. Growing up, little Angie attended the Beverly Hills High School, made famous in the TV series, and then, when just 11, she enrolled at the renowned Lee Strasberg Theater Institute. Jolie went on to model and 3685112 hollywoodactrass.blogspot 2010/11/angelina-jolie-hollywood-sexy-actress. appear in music videos, including one for Meatloaf, in her teens and then won a couple of Golden Globes for television drama performances.
hollywoodactrass.blogspot 2010/11/angelina-jolie-hollywood-sexy-actress l

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