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Sex And The City Characters Article

Top Ten Sexy Movie Moments

Online dating website RedHotPie has rated the sexiest of the sexy, the raunchiest of the raunchy, and the naughtiest of the naughty in movies to produce it’s Top Ten Sexy Movie Moments. So which raunchy sex scenes are sure to get you off this month? And which hot cinematic moment made it to number one?
10. Out of Sight
With hotties such as Jennifer Lopez and George Clooney, you know there’s bound to be something sexy going on. Things get really steamy when the red hot chemistry between Lopez and Clooney shoots of the screen in the first sex scene that takes place in the boot of a car while the two are fully clothed. It brings new meaning to the phrase; ‘the most fun you can have with your clothes on’.
9. Cruel Intentions
Hollywood’s teen remake of Dangerous Liaisons is full of sexual tension and lusty naughtiness. The real show stopper was when former vampire slayer teaches a young Selma Blair how to kiss. The girl on girl action was enough to make any teenage boy squirt his shorts.
8.Cool Hand Luke
Paul Newman plays a convict who refuses to be broken by the system. When the prison’s chain gang are outside toiling the earth in the heat of the day, they watch lustily as a busty girl washes her car and plays with the hose and foam. Copied hundreds of time since, this is sexy moment that has lasted the true test of time.
7. Women in Love
This movie was praised for the cinematic first of a nude male wrestling scene between actors Alan Bates and Oliver Reed. Good old fashion heat and tension was enough to get everyone feeling a little frisky.
6. Fatal Attraction
Famous for it’s psychotic leading lady, Fatal Attraction is also full of rampant and abandoned sex. Michael Douglas is the married man looking for action, Glenn Close is the blonde whose charms he cannot resist. In one raunchy scene they have wild sex in a goods lift with both actors turning in fantastically passionate performances.
5. Boogie Nights
A movie about the porn industry must earn its stripes by offering something super sexy and Boogie Nights certainly delivers. Filled with lusty explicit sex scenes, our vote for sexiest moment goes to scene where Wahlberg and Julianne Moore have sex on camera as porn stars for the first time.
4. Wild Things
It’s tacky and trashy but like any naughty little indulgence, oh so good. With so many hot moments to choose from it’s hard to pick just one that makes it onto number four on our count down – we’d have to say that it’s a tie between the moment when super babes Neve Campbell and Denise Richards get it on, and the scene where the pair are joined by Matt Dilllon (who plays their teacher) in a threesome. We may have to watch it again to make a final decision.
3. Tipping the Velvet
This TV adaptation of Sarah Walters’ novel was so sexy that it is quite possibly the most controversial BBC primetime production ever screened. From its title, a Victorian euphemism for cunnilingus, to our favourite scene, when heroine Nan is pleasured by her dominatrix lover using a leather dildo, it was extraordinarily raunchy and threw the tabloid press into a frenzy for weeks.
2. From Dusk Till Dawn
Fans of the erotic are entertained by one stand out scene of pure, unadulterated sexy showmanship when Latino sex bomb Salma Hayek performs a fantastically erotic dance, half naked and accompanied by a huge snake in front of a leering audience.
1. Emmanuelle
The sexy moments in this 1970s soft core classic are almost too numerous to mention and that’s why we’ve awarded this movie number one. The best scene is probably (so hard to choose just one!) when Emmanuelle and his young lover masturbate over a picture of Paul Newman bringing each other to a climatic performance worthy of an Oscar.
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