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Sexual Harassment Training Policy - What Employers Need to Know to Stay Compliant By Jason Chisolm

Sexual harassment is a term that has become increasingly popular over the past forty years. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 provides that all companies have a legal responsibility to provide a harassment-free workplace for their employees. In order to provide such an environment it is imperative that the company understands exactly what sexual harassment is, how to recognize it, as well as how to investigate any reports of such activities.
The term sexual harassment often conjures up visions of a male authority figure cornering a female employee. Although that may be the situation, and most cases do involve a male harasser, sexual harassment cases span the spectrum of both genders and all sexual orientations.
Sexual harassment can be broken up into two categories: blatant acts and those that are less blatant. Blatant acts only need to happen one time to be considered sexual harassment. This includes things like: assaults, touching, or requiring an employee to do something in order to receive something.
Less blatant acts can be much more difficult to recognize. These include things like: commenting on anothers physical appearance, talking to a person in a way that is inappropriate, gestures, displaying pictures or drawings that are disturbing to others, remarks, and even looks that are troublesome to others. For an action to be considered sexual harassment the victim must find the actions and or comments unwanted or threatening.
Sexual harassment is broken into two major classifications: Quid Pro Quo, and those that create a hostile work environment. Quid Pro Quo is requiring something in order that that person receives something. An extreme example is the requirement of a sexual act in order to receive a raise. A hostile work environment could be created by the display of a calendar with obscene pictures on it.
All companies have a legal responsibility to address any reports of sexual harassment. Additionally, the company is required to follow precise policies and procedures when following up on a case. Not only will the victim need to be interviewed but the alleged harasser will also need to be questioned about the incident. If there are any witnesses they will need to be questioned as well.
By learning about sexual harassment a company can be better prepared to deal with any situations that may arise. This will provide the advantage of having the knowledge to share with new employees in order to prevent or lessen the possibility of alleged sexual harassment claims.
If you need more information on a com complete training solution, take a look at this SafetyVideosNow Sexual_Harassment_Training_p/42 sexual harassment training package. Keep your workplace in compliance by providing the training that your employees need, and more importantly, that the regulators require. Is your workplace in compliance with training on sexual harassment?
Jason_Chisolm Jason_Chisolm

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