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Paris Hilton Sex Tape Article

How To Get The Big Sexy Hair Look Big sexy hair is a great look that's very popular at the moment. The look is based around getting as much volume to the hair as possible to make the hair jump out. To achieve the look you will need the right mix of hair products to boost volume and the correct technique.
First of all wash your hair with a shampoo that will help to volumize your hair. Try the big sexy hair volumizing shampoo which will create fullness while maintaining the moisture in the hair. Shampoo and rinse your hair twice through. Loosely tie your hair up leaving the bottom layers loose. Run a brush through the bottom layers of your hair from root to tip following the brush with a hair dryer.
Comb your hair as it dries to remove any tangles and knots. Add in a product called Sexy hair root pump while you are blow drying your hair. This will also help boost the volume. Get all of the hair dry using a hair dryer on a medium heat. During the drying tilt your head and let your hair fall down. Massage your scalp as the hair dries. This will help add lift to your hair. Once the brush reaches the bottom of the hair curl it and hold there for ten seconds. Then repeat with the rest of your hair until all the hair you tied up has been blown dry and curled.
Next take a handful of hair and curl it tightly. Repeat this process with another five chunks of hair then spray them with hairspray. The last step is to let your hair hang upside down while spraying underneath it with lots of hairspray. Finish your look with a blast of all round hairspray and your done.
profile/Polr-Glasgow/107772>Polr Glasgow

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