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Sexual Seduction Techniques - How to Seduce a Female Friend Into Bed By Rob Dev

Seducing a female friend can be challenging because if you value the friendship you will need to be careful. You want to make your move but you don't want to jeopardize the friendship. You need to focus on the benefits.
Just like when I was a salesmen, I always focused on the benefits and not the features. People do not care what the product has, they only care what the product can help them do better, faster or cheaper.
What are the benefits that you offer? Are you exceptionally good? Well-endowed? Can you show her things that she can use in a real relationship? Again, those are features, not benefits. How can she benefit? Improved self-esteem, good physical feelings or maybe she can learn how good it can be.
Most importantly, she needs to know that you will still be her friend after. If she really is a friend, then she doesn't want you to be her boyfriend, she probably has lots of guys who are willing to be her boyfriends. But for girls, good friends who are guys are much harder to find and keep.
So please try to stay focused on: Its just a one time thing, you both have a little fun, then you go back to being friends. Of course, I'm assuming here that you do want to remain just friends after. Because I truly believe that is the only approach that will work. If you want to turn the friendship into a sexual relationship then I am sorry but I believe it is doomed to fail.
When you reach the end of your life, what will you regret more, what you tried and failed, or what you didn't even attempt.
The best way to learn how to seduce a beautiful woman is to learn from a beautiful woman.
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