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How to Look Hot in Plus Size Lingerie

Just because you are not thin does not mean you can not look fabulous and sexy in lingerie. Corsets can really help you look sexy with your shape. Real corsets have strong fabrics that include boning. Boning is necessary to keep that taut design that stops a corset from folding with your body. It should snap back so it does not press and dig into your flesh. There are also fashion corsets without boning such as silk corsets and are more like a bodice.
Corsets are not sized like a dress or other articles of clothing. They are sized by the waist size to fit properly. You can pick a size smaller to attain that curvy look. They are designed to be tight. Just be sure not to overdo it and not feel com comfortable in your corset. Ever hear of the fainting couch? They were used in Victorian times when a woman went too far in tightening her corset and fainted. Not only do corsets make your waist appear small but they also make your bust appear larger. Doesn't the corset sound just perfect?
Corsets also look great worn under your clothing to give you more shape and constrain all the parts you don't want to pop out of your clothing. There are simple, plain corsets which give you extra support as well as fancier corsets which have lace, clasps, and other extras designed to make you be that hot sexy image you are striving for.
One piece lingerie styles also look very sexy in plus sizes. There are teddies, lingerie dresses and baby dolls. Flair styles especially at the bottom of these one piece lingerie outfits help to reduce the size of thighs and hips. Who doesn't want to reduce the size in that area? Dark and rich colors also make plus sizes appear smaller. Black is the all time favorite to reduce appearance of size and is considered a very sexy color. Be careful of red in plus sizes - reds tend to make one appear to look larger. A deep red like burgundy would be ok if you look great in reds.
Don't forget about the hair and make up as you prepare to dress in your new lingerie. A great hairstyle that is layered has some fringing and soft lines around the face to conceal part of the check area and chin. Another trick is to add some height to the top of your hair. You could try wearing you hair in high ponytail to draw attention to your check bones. For your face, apply a sunless tanner onto your face and then use a bronzer about two shades darker than it in the arc from your temples to the tops of your cheekbones and then right under your cheekbones to make your face appear smaller. You can also apply bronzer in between your breasts to create an illusion of sexy cleavage.
So whatever your size is don't be shy and try some lingerie to surprise your partner tonight!
Ken Buben, President

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