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Sexuality and Puberty in Teenagers By Catherine Adeyemi

My teenager was making calls in the midnight with a stranger who just happened to crash her mobile no. My first reaction was to seize the phone and call the stranger (boy) back, barring him from further calls!! Have you noticed that what is prohibited is more attractive and flavored than what is allowed?
Coming to terms with your teen's developing sexuality can be difficult, but they need your support and advice to help them grow and establish relationships in a mature and safe way.
Puberty, however, is the point when the body begins to change from that of a child into an adult. It comprises lots of changes which take place over quite a long period, usually several years.
During this period your child's body develops the characteristics of a sexually mature adult. The sexual organs develop, there are changes in the hormone balance and in other features of the body relating to sexuality.
It is very important to understand these changes and ensure that you give room for the teenager to express herself and learn.
The main question is how many mistakes must you allow before you take a stand?
It is controversial whether to take a liberal view on allowing your teen to associate freely with the opposite sex or to limit such freedom to prevent unnecessary and tempting contacts with them. This decision, I believe, should depend on the background you have laid in the life of your teen. If the child is God fearing, such limits may not be necessary. Advocates of freedom of movement maintain that, this view shows your teen that you respect them as individuals and trust them to take the right decisions concerning their future.
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