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Britney Spears Sex Tape Article

Countdown to the Best Hen Night Fancy Dress Outfits

Hen parties are notorious for outrageous fancy dress outfits, so if you're getting married or organising a hen do, here's a countdown to the best and most original out there...
Ten... the pink lady jacket from Grease is still the one that we want! This is a classic choice for hen parties because it's easy and looks great whether there are five or fifty of you.
Nine... calling full time on boring fancy dress outfits, instead, be a sport and go for the sexy referee outfit; it's original and why not dress your hens in sexy football kits to com complete the look?
Eight... maids a milking in this sexy maid fancy dress outfit, this is straight from the world of fantasy and you'll probably be moo-ved straight to the front of the queue on your big night.
Seven... your school days might be a few years behind you but remember the good old days and drive the boys wild in the ever popular naughty school girl outfit, but try not to get a detention!
Six... Hugh Hefner picks his bunnies very carefully so if you think you've got what it takes, the playboy bunny outfit is the hen night fancy dress outfit for you. You and your hens could cause a real stir as a litter of sexy bunnies!
Five... the sexy bride is a popular choice because there's no mistaking that you're on your hen night; let's just hope your actual wedding dress is a little less revealing or you'll have the vicar blushing!
Four... ding ding, round one, it's the sexy boxer costume - you'll deliver a knockout blow in this outfit that'll have the boys on the ropes in no time.
Three... hail Mary, it might be confession time for you if you choose the sexy nun outfit! This is perfect for adding comedy value to your sexy fancy dress outfit.
Two... Make sure you cause mischief on your hen night with the sexy devil outfit, it's hotter than hell and a popular choice among brides-to-be.
One... and crowned the best fancy dress outfit is...the sexy clown outfit! We've decided that this is ultra original and there's no doubt that you'll be the one providing the entertainment in this hilarious yet sexy fancy dress outfit.
There are so many great choices in adult fancy dress outfits online that there's no excuse to look rubbish or unoriginal on your hen night. Choosing the right women's fancy dress outfit will make you look and feel great and a carefully picked theme could mean the difference between a limp hen night and one that goes with a bang.
Author; Keri Williams, Marketing Director of Fancy Dress Shack has over 15 years working internationally in sales and marketing. Fancy Dress Shack sells over 6, 000 costumes and fancy dress accessories online. Super Fast Delivery, exceptional customer service and a price promise guarantee, if you Love Fancy Dress, you'll Love the Shack! Visit the website to see the full range of 3068582 fancydressshack Hen-Night-Fancy-Dress/998-S/default. hen night fancy dress costumes.

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