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Graceful Drawing & Engineering Surveying Engineering surveys are particularly useful to gain the actual values of variables under study, and the relationship bonding among them. Surveys are suitable as a balance to other observations. This adds knowledge through "triangulation" as one of several methods.
Survey approach has the following strengths and weaknesses:
Surveys are easy to administer.
Surveys are simple to score and code.
Surveys determine the values and relations of variables and constructs.
Surveys can be reused easily, and provide an objective way ofparing responses over different groups, times, and places.
Surveys are just a snapshot of behavior at one place and time.
They do not provide as rich or "thick" description of a situation as a case study. They do not provide as strong evidence for causality between surveyed constructs as a well designed experiment.
The survey activities can be considered with the need of a detailed check list to be followed in the development and use of necessary survey instruments.
Among these significant steps are:
_ Determination of the unit of analysis (e.g., the individual, group, or organization)
_ Pre-testing and use of pilot data
_ Assessment of reliability
_ Random sampling from a defined sample frame.
_ Determination of statistical power of the final analysis.
Instruments used in Surveys:
_ Aluminum Sextant
_ Anchor Clock
_ Antiquepass
_ Antique Magnifier
_ Antique Survey Instrument
_ Ball Watch
_ Binoculars
_ Brass Diver's Helmet
_ Brass Nautical Lamp
_ Brass Sand Timer
_ Hand Kaleidoscope
_ Magnifying Glass
_ Marine Binocular
_ Marine Clock
_ Navigation Telescopes And Binocular
_ Nautical Lantern
_ Nautical Microscope
_ Nautical Mirror
_ Theodolites
_ Wooden Binocular
There are very few repair centers for the survey instruments because many instruments are imported from different countries or the qualified engineers are called from Western countries.
One of the few repair centers of survey instruments is _Graceful Drawing & surveying_. This repair center deals in almost all kinds of survey instruments, for purchase of survey instruments, repairs and also updating in the hardware of the instrument. Having state of the art equipments to quickly diagnose and repair instruments and skillful and experienced working staff to give 100% quality service to not to let down customers_ immediate demands rental rates.
_Graceful Drawing & Surveying_ also handles orders relating to repairs of Multimedia Projectors, Overhead Projectors, Digital Cameras and othermercial Electronic equipments.
profile/Ibrahim-Machiwala/19744>Ibrahim Machiwala
GDS is a well known Survey equipment sales and service provider, and experts in all kind of survey and multimedia equipments. GDS provides the solution for GPS,

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