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Anal Sex Techniques Article

Sexual Seduction Techniques - How to Begin Physical Contact in Seducing a Woman By Rob Dev

When you want to move a date from close and friendly conversation to the next step of getting physical, the best kind of technique for this is something that is not overly sexual but involves touch. It should be something that you can do with com complete confidence but is also fun and puts her off her guard.
A great example is palmistry or reading her palm. This can be like a game but at the same time it will entice most women into letting you get physical very quickly, at least as far as holding her hand.
You will need to do some quick research on the internet to learn which line is which and what they mean, but the basics of palmistry can be learned quite easily. Once you have the main idea of it, it gives you a great opportunity to hold her hand for a long time and stroke her palm in a very sensual way with your finger while you talk. If she likes you at all, this will make her very receptive and turn her on.
Add to that the fact that you are sensually stroking the most sensitive parts of her hand, and you have a surefire seduction technique that you can use on any date. From there, you will be able to tell from her body language how far you can go. If she leans into you, then you know you can move forward. If she starts to turn away, then it might be time to wrap things up.
If you want to learn to seduce beautiful women, the best way is to learn from a beautiful woman.
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When you get to the end of your life, what will you regret more, what you failed at, or what you never even attempted.
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