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Tattoos on the Lower Back - Women Enjoy Tattooing This Spot - It's Sexy By Anthony Formando

Tattoos on the lower back are designed for and used mostly by women. When men get back work done they tend to go for full coverage, although some do choose to only decorate the lower back. Women, on the other hand, are more likely to get tattoos on the lower back that are either on one side, horizontal, or in the middle directly on the spine.
One reason women may enjoy tattooing this spot is because it's considered sexy. The lower back is often shown off with a bathing suit or cropped shirt worn, and so tattoos on the lower back add a bit more of mystique and mystery. Being in an erotic spot on the body can only enhance the beauty of the tattoo. Large horizontal back work that drops in the middle is especially popular as it draws the eye. Many celebrities, including Britney Spears, have lower back tats.
Horizontal or "V" designs, such as tribal, butterflies, hearts, and fairies with wings are some of the most popular probably because the canvas of the lower back lends itself so well to them. But other smaller designs such as suns, stars, crosses, hearts and roses, also have had a run of popularity. Most tattoo parlors have a wide range of flash that can be used for tattoos on the lower back and it is not difficult to find examples of work in most popular tattoo magazines. With a wild imagination and a little research, the sky is the limit for lower back inking.Based on a survey made by a fashion magazine, tattoos on the lower back have become the most popular searches made by both men and women. This means that a lot of people want to express themselves in more mysterious and sensual ways by using tattoos. The tattoos can be covered when necessary and flaunted to project a more adventurous, sexier personality that usually just hides behind a simple woman.
The best way to discover what tattoo is going to suit your tastes is to get a huge collection of tattoo designs. These designs have been created by seasoned artists and will give you the confidence and the beauty or the ideas that you are looking for.
To find the tattoosareus Tattoo Designs of your choice and more information just tattoosareus Click Here. Enjoy!
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